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Fire and Clay with Alan Potter

October 01, 2022 Hilary Adams Season 1 Episode 49
Story and Horse
Fire and Clay with Alan Potter
Show Notes

Fire and Clay with Alan Potter
Join Alan and me as we discuss his amazing animal sculptures that are created using RAKU, an ancient Japanese ceramic firing technique. We talk about his technique, a special teacher, and how pressure helps him get into the creative flow. He shares what to do when a sculpture doesn't work out as planned, and what his working studio is like.  We also get to hear about Wade the Raven, a special ceramic bird that has his own children's book.

Alan Potter's Bio:
Alan grew up in the NE U.S. and graduated from Trinity College of Vermont in 2000 with a BA in Craft/Art Entrepreneurship. He and his wife, Barbara moved to AZ in 2015 where he works on his clay sculptural animals in his home studio. Alan's work is represented in galleries, nationally.

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Host Hilary Adams is an award-winning theatre director, coach, equine-partnered facilitator, and founder of Story and Horse. She is all about supporting creative expression and sharing stories with the world.

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