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The Universal Language of Music with Asher Laub

November 05, 2022 Season 1 Episode 54
Story and Horse
The Universal Language of Music with Asher Laub
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The Universal Language of Music with Asher Laub
Join Asher and me in a delightful conversation about his journey as a professional violinist who breaks with traditional boundaries and forges new paths. Asher shares about his creative process, the power of improvisation, and his vision about music as a common language that can bridge differences and form new connections between people.

Asher Laub's Bio:
Asher began classical violin training at the tender age of 2 and had already performed with the Buffalo philharmonic by age 13.

Asher’s expertise in trans-genre improvisation has led him to a career as a soloist in demand, performing at venues such as Madison Square Garden, Hammerstein Hall, Lincoln Center, the Jacob Javitz Center and across four continents.  Asher has also been featured on PBS, and has made headlines on CNN, WABC, and NBC and many other major news sources.  

Asher is known for breakdancing across stages with his LED electric violin, in addition to performing as a DJ violinist, bringing his experience as a live performer and technical prowess as an audio editing and mixing guru to countless clubs and stages across the country.

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Host Hilary Adams is an award-winning theatre director, coach, equine-partnered facilitator, and founder of Story and Horse. She is a creative expression and story guide.
A note: This is the final episode of the Story and Horse podcast. It was started just over a year ago and the plan was for 52 episodes. Today marks the 54th episode, and I am so very grateful to all of my amazing, creatively spirited guests who so generously shared their wisdom, insights and time with us. Every week, for over a year, I was incredibly lucky to sit down with people who bravely, determinedly, and passionately live creative lives.
Thank you to everyone who joined me on this journey, and to all my listeners:  May you continue to find the courage and inspiration to share your unique, powerful creativity with the world. 

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